Saturday, February 19, 2011

Misinterpretations and Facebook

It is funny how words can mean different things to different people.  Recently I found myself blocked from a friends facebook wall - due to a comment I made.   What a strange world we live in.   I love social media and all forms of communication, but it is sad when something which if  you were saying it out loud, would be laughed at, but when written it can misinterpreted.  I'm a fairly open book, and I understand that if I post something publically, you are putting it out there - and cannot complain when there are comments made.  I would never write anything derogatory or bad - but I always speak the truth and how I feel..  If someone makes an insensitive comment, I am one of the first to send a private message to suggest they review what is written - so it was a great surprise that my comment became an issue.   In all honesty, if you analyse the situation, it probably wasn't  the actual comment at all - it is how that person is feeling, and that is something we cant know.  If a person is feeling insecure and not confident, it is easy to misread or misinterpret.   But we dont know.. perhaps everyone should have one of those little mood applications - so we can see how they feel, but you might need one for how you feel about every different person!  

It's an interesting topic and certainly one to expand on further.  Do we hold off and not say what we think, or are we open to discussion and debate about situations?   Why use a fairly public forum if you dont really want to share?  Or what is your motivation for sharing?   I'm still trying to work that out.  

Friday, February 18, 2011

umm.. embarrasment...i lost my blog!

umm.. what can I say.. here I am immersed in social media in all forms and somehow I neglected this blog.   Past few months have been full on personally, and I've put putting a lot more into my poetic writings. I must make amends and start putting some intelligent comment on here very soon!