Friday, May 28, 2010

are we leading the donkey? WAKE UP

Hearing on the radio today about a push to allow female circumcison in Australia... what the??? This time i am so angry - what the hell are we doing in this country. We are like an Aesops fable.. are we leading the donkey or is the donkey leading us?????

Wake up people and start making a noise - we are fast losing our identity and the social problems which will follow in the next few years are frightening. Yes we welcome migration - australia is built upon migration - and yes we had a shitty history - but then what country hasn't? It is time to say that people coming to Australia must be prepared to live by our rules - to enjoy our freedoms, they give up some of their customs - what is wrong with that? I travel alot, and I always ensure I look up local customs and be sure to follow them and not to offend - that is fair enough. Why is Australia still treating itself like some kind of backwater? We are a strong and vibrant country, full of beauty and diversity. We must ensure that we do not destroy what we have by constantly allowing our freedom to deteriorate. The use of the word racist for anyone with an opinion on freedom for Australian's is ridiculous. I'm really angry about this one.

Have we really lost the plot?

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