Saturday, May 8, 2010

sorting through the chaff

I've taken my time thinking about this blog...whether to keep it really close, or get on my soapbox. I think it will be a bit of both - I can't really help myself.

One thing i have to say, is that I am really becoming aware of how lucky we have been in Australia - we manage to find things to complain about - but on a world scale we are indeed blessed. Sadly we take it all for granted. I know I have. As a child growing up in Australia, school was a given - food was a given and clothing was a given (although maybe not always the ones i wanted!). My travels have shown me that in many countries, education is indeed a gift and a privilege. Here in Australia and other developed countries, children try and get out of school - truancy is on the rise - how is it, that we have not managed to instill in our society, the true value of an education.

By education I don't necessarily mean tertiary - university isn't always the way - but the gift of literacy - being able to read, write and develop understanding and the ability to think for oneself.

Sometimes I fear for our world where information is so easy to access, but that without education, it is hard to sort truth from fiction, lies from fact and be able to discern what matters.

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